About ME

I was the 5th grader who liked writing reports, the junior high student eager for As in English, and the college Journalism major spellbound by William Strunk Jr.’sThe Elements of Style.” Turning my vocation into a paying job came easily, and my fortune continued throughout the years as I crossed paths with talented creative people who encouraged me to grow as a writer and gave me solid opportunities to do so. In 1999, I started my own freelance copywriting business so that I could be more available to my children. An added bonus was reducing a 25-mile commute to 0.00757576 of a mile–the distance from my kitchen to my home office!

Copywriting was a calling in life for me.

“The defining characteristic of the literary vocation may be that those who possess it experience the exercise of their craft as its own best reward, much superior to anything they might gain from the fruit of their labors. That is one thing I am sure of amid my many uncertainties regarding the literary vocation: deep inside, a writer feels that writing is the best thing that ever happened to him, or could ever happen to him, because as far as he is concerned, writing is the best possible way of life, never mind the social, political, or financial rewards of what he might achieve through it.”

Mario Vargas Llosa, “Letters to a Young Novelist”


Beth Rich Creative, Inc.  Since 1999 I have focused my freelance writing business on serving marketing and creative agencies, established businesses, startup businesses and individuals. My projects run the gamut from brand-differentiating taglines to complex pharmaceutical websites entailing voluminous scripts supported by annotated references. My success rate with clients is very high, in part because I am committed to quality over quantity. By that I mean I accept only projects that I am confident I will do well at and keep my workload manageable. Besides my reputation for reliability, flexibility and responsiveness, my clients have told me that they value my instinctive creative thought process, my strong persuasive writing skills, and my talent for enriching content through in-depth research.   


Agency For the 5 years previous to forming Beth Rich Creative, Inc., I held the position of Senior Writer at a cutting edge multimedia creative agency with 55 employees and $11 million in annual sales. I collaborated with producers, directors and editors to execute communications strategies, primarily for Fortune 500 clients, and wrote original scripts for video, television, radio, CD-ROM, websites, kiosks, trade shows and sales meetings.

Corporate For the 7 years prior to joining the multimedia creative agency, I held the position of Senior Writer and Public Relations Coordinator at a leading managed healthcare company. I provided copywriting support to Advertising (print, TV, radio), Health Education (biannual consumer health magazine), Finance (annual report, CEO/CFO shareholder communications), Sales and Customer Relations. I also wrote scripts, song parodies, speeches, and live skits for high-budget, theme-driven national sales meetings and other corporate events featuring professional and celebrity speakers. As Public Relations Coordinator I had various responsibilities, including execution of a media relations program in which I worked with TV and radio personalities and programming managers in major markets to place corporate medical directors, serving as health experts, on national and local TV and radio shows.

News For the 2 years prior to joining the managed healthcare company, I worked as a newspaper reporter. I wrote original feature content for the ‘Lifestyle’ section and reported on government and other news related to 5 municipalities and 2 school districts.