About WE

Pre-Engagement Exploration

Call or email me so that we can initially gauge our compatibility in terms of your copywriting needs and my experience, availability, etc.

If that goes well, allow me to write a short creative brief or a few paragraphs specific to your project. This approach, in my opinion, provides the most transparency and gives you a practical method of evaluating me. In the alternative, I will email you samples of content I have written for projects that most closely match yours.

If you’re still interested after reading my copy, I will provide you with a verbal or written estimate—plus/minus 20%— based on assumptions I can reasonably make about research, communication, writing and revision time involved in your project. My clients can attest that my estimates are reliable and my pricing–which allows agencies to achieve a healthy markup–is competitive and commensurate with my experience and the quality of my work product.  

Post-Engagement Expectations

  • You can expect me to return emails and phone calls within the hour, if not within minutes.
  • You can count on me to meet established deadlines and do my best to adjust accordingly to unforeseen circumstances and changing project parameters.
  • You can rest assured that I will be on time for all scheduled conference calls and any on-site meetings.
  • You can depend on me to make every effort to give you copy that is factually accurate, grammatically correct and typo-free.

Easy Does It…

My clients often remark that I am refreshingly flexible and easy to work.

  • I prefer to work with a written plan of action outlining deliverables and timelines; however, I have no problem working less formally if we have reached clear verbal understandings.
  • I generally prefer email communications to phone calls for efficiency.
  • I appreciate getting sizable documents that will be the subject of a conference call several hours or a day in advance so that I can review the information and prepare related questions/comments.

My “incorporated” status may have relevance to you, no matter what type or size of your business.

This is due to the massive, ongoing ‘misclassification’ crackdown by federal and state governments resulting in steep penalties and fines for companies that knowingly or unknowingly ‘misclassify’ employees as independent contractors (ICs). When you work with a corporation, such as Beth Rich Creative, Inc., your company, legally, has no direct relationship to worker, only to the worker’s corporation; therefore, the worker cannot be classified as your employee. If your company uses ICs regularly or even occasionally, consider consulting with an attorney or accountant familiar with the significant complexities involved in correctly classifying workers and the consequences of not doing so.